I have no hesitation in saying that the acupuncture I had worked wonders for my asthma. After having used a couple of inhalers twice a day for many years, I decided to try acupuncture with Dr Wan. Now I am not using inhalers at all except for only occasionally. I feel so much better, much more relaxed and fitter, less tense and uptight altogether. (Miss CP)

Blood pressure
Three years ago my GP started treating me for raised blood pressure; each drug tried gave me little benefit but all produced unpleasant side effects. Then I developed polymyalgia rheumatica and was given a steroid treatment which was effective but produced even worse side effects and higher blood pressure. In desperation I asked about acupuncture and my doctor referred me to see Dr Wan. Since starting treatment my BP has gradually come down from 189/86 to 145/74. I am off the steroids and have no PMR symptoms. I am now able to enjoy walking, gardening, Tai-Chi and keep fit classes. At age 78 I feel so fortunate, thankful and very grateful, Dr Wan. (Ms MP)

Bell’s Palsy
I was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy by an emergency GP, after waking up with paralysis in the right side of my face, losing the blink reflex and the ability to move the muscles in lips, cheek and forehead. I was told this was caused by a post-viral inflammation of the facial nerve and indeed I had felt run down in the previous week. The GP contacted a specialist at the RUH in Bath and I was immediately prescribed a 10 day course of corticosteroids, which are thought to help reduce the severity of symptoms in some patients.

I contacted Dr Wan immediately and he advised waiting one week to commence treatment. At the first consultation he was very reassuring and knowledgeable about this relatively rare condition and explained that it is much more common in China where acupuncture is routinely given as the treatment of choice. He recommended twice weekly sessions to help me regain movement in my face, and particularly my eye. As I had worked successfully with Dr Wan before, for headaches and migraine, and he had also cured my husband's sinusitis, I felt hopeful that it would be effective. However I couldn't believe how quickly my symptoms began to resolve. The acupuncture itself was very relaxing, and I could feel the facial nerve being reactivated after the third treatment. Moreover the advice Dr Wan gave to rest and sleep as much as possible was really helpful. Within 2 weeks I had almost fully regained the use of my facial muscles and my blink reflex had returned to normal. Although I had been signed off work for 3 weeks, I was able to return after only 2 weeks, and my GP was very impressed with my swift recovery.

I have Dr Wan to thank for this unusually speedy recovery; I had been told that it could take up to nine months to return to normal. Dr Wan is not only a very skilled clinician and medically trained diagnostician, but he has a very caring and reassuring manner that allayed my anxieties and helped the healing process. And indeed his treatment did work as effectively as he had indicated it would. Many thanks! (Mrs LP)

Just a note to say a big thank you, my baby turned from the breech position very soon after the acupuncture treatment. (Ms JS)

Circulation problem
I had terribly bad circulation in my lower legs for about twenty years. Cold legs in the day and worse at night. Even in a 32°C summer night, I still needed my ankle warmers. Dr Wan thought this was a bit peculiar but told me very calmly that he would help. I had no idea how many it would take. He said that as it was a twenty year symptom it might take up to ten sessions. Needles.. little needles in my legs and ankles. They don't hurt. Just a tiny weeny pinch, nothing like an injection at all, like I had previously thought..so I went five times. To be honnest, I had no improvement at all for the first three sessions. Then at the fourth, I wondered if something was changing.. until suddenly the cold was gone. Five acupuncture sessions were needed for my twenty years of leg warmers at night! I was prepared to give it a try of ten. And suddenly, no more coldness. I realized it when I wasn't bothered when I couldn't find my leg warmers! I recommend Dr Wan for anyone who needs improvement on their circulation. I am very impressed with him and his calm and very polite and attentive manner. I will go to him for any other illness that I may get in the future. (Mrs IJ)

Depression, anxiety and insomnia
I have had very bad depression, anxiety and insomnia for 6 years. Before I came to see Dr Wan I was dependent on alcohol and having bad headaches every day, I couldn't cope with my misery and I was self harming. Anti-depressants never seemed to have any impact. I now just want to write to you, Dr Wan, thank you very much for your help in getting me better, your acupuncture treatment played a massive part in my recovery. Now I hardly suffer from any symptoms, I feel totally normal and I also found a job! (Miss MP)

Dear Dr Wan, after so many years of illness and numerous relapses, at last my daughter is able to move forward independently. Your professional help and counselling has been a turning point for her, your consistent wise support has held her up when she was wavering. We thank you so much for all you have done for my daughter! (Patient's mum)

Depression and insomnia
I had had trouble sleeping for some time and was diagnosed with depression and signed off work for months and I was also taking anti-depressants for work related stress. I didn't want to be on anti-depressants for the rest of my life without getting any benefit so I decided on acupuncture and herbal medicine with Dr Wan. This worked straightaway and helped enormously as I now sleep normally and I am no longer on anti-depressants. I would certainly encourage anyone in my position to try it as it cured me. (Mr JD)

I came to Dr Wan for treatment for dizziness which also caused nausea, all of which was not only very unpleasant, but disabling. My NHS GP prescription was for a continuous dose of oral drugs, the only effect of which was to cause severe drowsiness, which was even more disabling, and was abandoned. Both my wife and I have used Dr Wan in the past, with great success, and so I went to him for treatment. He advised the results would be slow to realise, and combined herbal drinks and acupuncture. He was right on both counts, it was slow (about 3 months of treatment) but it did work. I have not had any recurring symptoms since he advised the treatment to be stopped. I think we in this area are very lucky to have the knowledge and skills of Dr Wan's training, which is many years in China - and we have access to this here. (Mr PW)

As you may remember, I came to you with what you described as one of the worst cases of atopic eczema you had seen in some time. I was in a lot of pain as a result of the eczema, which covered most of my upper body and face. My usual ebullient nature had been effectively muted and I spent most of my time tired and miserable. You started a treatment of Chinese herbal tea immediately coupled later on with a limited diet, which I followed temporarily. Gradually the heat from my skin died down and the dryness became less severe. I could even bend my arms and neck again. Finally it disappeared. I am happy to say it hasn't come back. You are extremely kind and generous with your help and I am eternally grateful. (Miss GF)

Eczema and fungal infection
Dr Wan has treated me on two occasions using Chinese herbal medicine. The first was for eczema which I had had for over 35 years and had been trying to control with steroid creams. After about three months of drinking the teas (the taste is a bit of a shock at first but you soon get used to it), my condition had completely cleared. On the second occasion (and much more recently), I had a virulent fungal infection which was not responding to the creams I had been given by my GP. I went to see Dr Wan and he again prescribed herbal medicine which has once again done the trick. My only regret is that I didn't go to Dr Wan sooner than I did! (Mr TO)

General health and post-viral fatigue
I was initially recommended to see Dr Wan following the return of the post-viral fatigue condition which had plagued me off and on for several years and eight years later I am still a regular visitor to his Surgery. This is not because I am still searching for a cure, but because I found his acupuncture treatments so effective that I now have a general session every 6 weeks or so to help keep me well and to help sort out any minor health conditions as and when they arise. I don’t pretend to fully understand how acupuncture works, but Dr Wan is so clearly an expert that I trust him implicitly to know exactly what treatment I need at any time. My appointments follow a standard format: We talk through how I have been feeling between visits, I lie down on his treatment table and he inserts the needles (no, they really don’t hurt!) and then I relax for half an hour or so whilst they work their magic. I leave feeling stronger, energised and less stressed than when I arrived. I sleep better and no longer pick up every bug going around and the post-viral fatigue has not returned. My acupuncture appointments are now something I simply schedule into my life alongside trips to the dentist and hairdresser and I would recommend anyone who cares about maintaining their health to do the same. (Miss. RD)

General health
I first visited Dr Wan on the recommendation of a friend. I had never experienced Chinese medical treatment before. I was feeling extremely challenged in both my work and private life, which had caused my energy levels to sink to a very low ebb. I'm pretty sure that this caused me to catch nearly every bug that was flying around and I believe that the reason I finally sought help was because I had a cough that I couldn’t shake off and was starting to feel depressed. Dr Wan advised herbal medicine in the first instance for a few months and the results were fantastic. Noticeably rapidly, my cough left, strength and sense of humour came back and I have been feeling increasingly better ever since. Now I am seeing him for acupuncture treatment once a month, I believe he has definitely increased my ability to maintain high energy levels. I had also a history of eczema, which came back, very mildly, and again, he treated me for this and I am clear of it too. As you can imagine; I would not hesitate in recommending Dr Wan for treatment in these areas and feel very grateful to him for these positive changes. Thank you!!!!! (Miss SD)

At 41 I still don’t fancy having IVF treatments. After I had failed to conceive naturally for a few years I went to see Dr Wan for a six month treatment programme, having acupuncture weekly and taking herbs daily. I am thrilled I became pregnant in the fourth month. I have continued to see him for acupuncture during my first trimester which is recommended for my age group to prevent miscarriage. The acupuncture is very relaxing and leaves me feeling well. I also found that Dr Wan gives very sensible advice and I have valued our discussions and his support over the past few months. (Mrs MW)

Infertility – Endometriosis
My first experience of acupuncture and Chinese herbal treatments dates from three years ago when I was looking to cure my nails splitting problem. It was the first time in my life that I had such a visible problem and this type of alternative treatment resulted in the improvement of both my nails and my general health. Two years later a visible lump in my groin area was diagnosed as an endometriotic growth. I was referred for further examinations including laparoscopy but that was to follow in a few months so I used the time in between to do some research. Realising that endometriosis was the reflection of my general health state (other visible manifestations included reoccurring nails splitting and shorter periods) I decided to look again for an alternative therapy. I then came across Dr Wan’s clinic and started with acupuncture and herbal treatments accompanied by a few adjustments in my diet. The first results came quickly as my nails started getting better and my periods longer. After nearly two months of Dr Wan’s therapy I underwent a laparoscopy examination which confirmed a minor level of endometriosis which was surgically removed. I continued seeing Dr Wan for another two months with the aim to further improve hormonal balance. After four months of acupuncture, herbal treatments, modified diet and regular Yoga exercises I felt really good and we decided to stop the treatment. That was when the biggest surprise came, the whole journey was about building my general health and as a confirmation of that I had a positive pregnancy test in my hands! Before being diagnosed with endometriosis my husband and I have never tried for kids, needless to say that based on our age (34) and my history of endo we were thinking years - not months. I continued acupuncture treatments with Dr Wan during the first three months of my pregnancy and have never experienced the common sickness problems. Many thanks to Dr Wan and best wishes to all of you who are entering the world of alternative medicine. It is a unique process that puts you in a position to highly affect the outcome, and the results are therefore more precious. (Joanna)

My husband and I had been trying to conceive for just over two years without success. I had been taking the contraceptive pill for ten years and since coming off it my cycle had been very irregular. Having been told about the benefits of acupuncture I was keen to give it a try to improve my chance of conceiving naturally and to help improve my general health and wellbeing. I contacted Dr Wan having found his details on the British Acupuncture Council website. Dr Wan was very kind, reassuring, positive and informative and recommended a course of treatment to help regulate my cycle while I was also undergoing fertility investigations. Within weeks my cycle had become regular and my general sense of health and wellbeing had been significantly improved and it really helped me to relax and to be more in tune with my body. I continued to have acupuncture while being treated conventionally for problems with ovulation and am delighted to say that I conceived on my first course of fertility treatment and I have no doubt that the acupuncture played a huge part in this first time success! I am now six months pregnant and am continuing to have acupuncture and have so far had a wonderful, healthy, happy pregnancy with no morning sickness or any of the other minor ailments associated with pregnancy. I really look forward to my monthly acupuncture treatment and would recommend it and Dr Wan especially to everyone! Thank you so much! (Mrs AH)

Infertility – Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
I am 31, suffer from ‘Polycystic Ovary syndrome" and have extremely irregular periods (if any at all). My husband and I were being treated by the local NHS fertility clinic where Metformin, Clomid and Ovulation Induction (OI) all failed to work. Furthermore, after our second cycle of OI a post-coital test came back with disappointing results. Whilst we waited for our appointment to start Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), we decided to see if acupuncture would help. We had read about acupuncture and its fertility benefits, so we searched the internet and found Dr Wan. We felt that we couldn’t take many more knock-backs and as the prospect of the very stressful and expensive IVF was looming, we decided that it was worth a go. Dr Wan treated me for a couple of months and gave me excellent advice, helping me to think in a much more rational way. When we went for our IUI appointment we were given the drugs to kick-start the cycle. It was at this point that we decided that I should do a pregnancy test (one of dozens over the years). We couldn’t believe it when we found we had conceived through acupuncture alone and we can’t thank Dr Wan enough! (Mrs CJ)

For anyone struggling with the emotional struggle with trying to conceive, I would highly recommend Damin and the Chinese herbal acupuncture therapy. It is an investment, but if you've been struggling along for a few years now then the saved baby costs all cover that. I didn't feel I got the support from my GP clinic when diagnosed with PCOS and after treatment not working after several more months, it sent my mind into a spiral of worry and fear regarding my fertility. I felt stressed and anxious literally all of the time. I couldn't help it, no matter what people said. I read an article highlighting the benefits of Chinese therapy so I researched local Bristol services. I chose Damin because of his extensive list of qualifications and experience, and I don't regret it. He's a friendly and approachable doctor and it worked for me. Only a few months later I was pregnant. I'm still in the early days and I can't say 100% it was the Chinese therapy as I was changing lots of aspects of my life all the time, but the therapy definitely helped calm me down and remove my anxieties and worries while we waited, which I know was the therapy because nothing else had ever helped with my emotional state. I am fairly certain I wouldn't be pregnant now without having approached Damin for help. (Mrs JP)

Menstrual problems – heavy periods
I visited Dr Wan initially as I had a painful tennis elbow. At the time I was suffering from very heavy periods which were so bad that my life was being affected as I was unable to go anywhere during my period. Having spoken to my GP I was referred to a consultant with the intention of having the lining of my womb lasered - an operation which was not always successful. By chance I mentioned this to Dr Wan who suggested I have acupuncture coupled with Chinese herbal medicine; he said that within 3 months my periods should be lighter. In fact, after one month of treatment they were light and I have not had a heavy period for 4 months now. I would recommend this treatment to any woman suffering with unusually heavy periods - I felt like a miracle had happened. My tennis elbow is also cured by his acupuncture treatment, thank you so much, Dr Wan. (Mrs KB)

Menstrual problems – menopause
I had been suffering menopausal symptoms for over a year before I visited Dr Wan. At night I could not fall asleep for ages and then when I did , hot sweats would disturb me every half hour or so throughout the night. After several visits I was sleeping through the night and not noticing any hot flushes whatsoever. Generally, I feel a whole lot healthier and now barely even notice the menopause. If my symptoms start to reappear I know I can book in for some more acupuncture with Dr Wan – although I have not needed to yet. I thoroughly recommend Dr Wan – he really listens and then goes ahead and fixes the problem. (Mrs HH)

Premenstrual Tension (PMT)
I had been suffering with pre-menstrual symptoms (PMS) for a number of years. Painful breast swelling, mood swings, poor sleep and bloating had become a way of life for the better part of the month, not just the week before. After only 3 sessions of acupuncture with Dr Wan, I have improved by 90%, and last month I was entirely symptom free. (Mrs SK)

Pain – migraine headache
Having suffered from severe migraine attacks for a number of years I decided to try acupuncture. I consulted Dr Wan, gradually the migraines became less severe and eventually stopped altogether and I am still free of them. Of course I am very pleased and would recommend it. (Mrs CL)

Pain – migraine and heartburn
I first visited Dr Wan on the recommendation of a friend. I had never experienced Chinese medical treatment before. Having suffered from severe migraine attacks and heartburn for a number of years I decided to try acupuncture. I consulted Dr Wan, gradually the migraines and the heartburn became less severe and eventually stopped altogether and I am still free of them. Thanks ever so much. (Mrs OR)

Pain – face
Having suffered from a very bad attack of neuralgia in my face, on and off for years, lasting almost three weeks this episode, I made an appointment to see Dr Wan, who was confident that a course of acupuncture would help the condition. The first few sessions I experienced some improvement in the intensity and the frequency of the attacks but was not entirely convinced it was going to work. However by the time I had completed the treatments (and much to my surprise), the pain and discomfort had completely gone. I had tried other ways of relieving the pain, even having a tooth extracted because I thought this might have been the cause. I also had various medications from my doctor but nothing worked until I had acupuncture. I am so relieved and pleased with the outcome and would recommend this treatment to anyone else in a similar situation. (Mrs PG)

Pain – neck
I am writing to thank you very much for the wonderful treatment you gave me. I had this pain in my neck for many, many years. Before I came to you, I had tried other treatments, such as physiotherapy, osteopathy and pain-killers etc., none of them were successful, giving only temporary relief. But after having treatment of acupuncture with you, I am now completely cured. So I strongly recommend your treatment above all others. I feel I have been given a new lease of life. Thank you once again, Dr Wan. (Mrs MM)

Pain – neck
Over twenty years ago I developed trouble with my neck and had restriction on moving my head to my left side or downwards. This was coupled with pain. As a result I could not read a book for more than a couple of minutes. I was very restricted in many ways including not even being able to wear a necklace. I eventually saw a consultant who said it was degeneration in the neck and nothing could be done, just take pain killers. In approximately 2003 the pain got so much worse. By then I was also getting severe pains in the backside of my head, front left forehead, had a very tender skull and a stiff and painful neck. Now because of the continuous pain my head was also starting to bend over into my shoulder. I was taking so many pain killers that I gave up bothering to count them. Even my friends were concerned as to how ill I looked. I was referred to a consultant who authorised an MRI scan but he could do nothing to help and referred me to the Pain Clinic. However I was told there was a 6 month waiting list. My doctor suggested more physiotherapy but after a while the physiotherapist was very concerned that we were not able to improve the situation. In the end the NHS said they could not help me. It was then suggested by my Doctor that I tried acupuncture and so I made an appointment with Dr Wan. He saw how bad my posture was and could see the pain I was in. At last someone cared. After most sessions he would say “Remember your posture” when I left. Now I am very happy to say that the continuous pain has gone. My head is now back up straight. I am so grateful to him for his help. (Miss BF)

Pain – back and shoulder
My husband and I have both had acupuncture treatment. Myself it has been back problems and my husband his shoulder. I was very apprehensive when I went for my first lot of treatment, not knowing what to expect. Dr Wan immediately put me at ease, explaining the procedure thoroughly. Consequently the treatment has been successful at all times, I would recommend acupuncture treatment to anyone. (Mrs JD)

Pain – back
Having experienced back trouble for more than 10 years and been treated by an Osteopath and also a Chiropractor but with limited success I decided to give acupuncture a try. Since being treated by Dr Wan my back has greatly improved and now gives me no problem. I have no hesitation in recommending him and his services. (Mr GT)

Pain – hands and knees
I have suffered with osteoarthritis in my hands and knees over many years. I have taken many prescription medicines, all to no avail. My doctor suggested I see Dr Wan for acupuncture. From that day to this I have never regretted, to be free from chronic pain in my hand and knee joints and to be able to move is a great relief to me. I used to tell my wife that I could have had my legs cut off to remove the pain but I can now enjoy my active lifestyle again, all down to you and your acupuncture. (Mr DP)

Pain – foot
I'd been suffering with pain in my foot following a minor accident at home. I couldn’t walk properly. I was referred to a specialist and had a steroid injection. Unfortunately, although there was some initial relief, the pain returned and I was advised surgery may help but was not guaranteed. My GP suggested I might wish to consider acupuncture and I decided to try it. Dr Wan said my treatment might take a number of sessions as I had the condition for a while, and slowly but surely I could feel the improvement and felt confident that my foot would be healed. It has now been some 4 months since I had any pain and I'm really happy and relieved that I did not have to resort to surgery. In future, I would certainly not leave acupuncture as a last resort as a form of treatment. (Mrs AG)

100% recovery through acupuncture. Following a routine hysterectomy, the first four weeks were quiet with lots of rest. I felt well and was looking forward to getting back to normal living and returning to work. As the weeks passed however, after the lightest activity I would feel extremely tired and get exhausted very quickly. I had to sleep for two to three hours every afternoon and went to bed at 9.30pm at night.. Everyday items like dinner plates and kettle felt very heavy. After any light housework I would have to sit for hours to recover. Three months after the operation I had several episodes of rapid heart rate at rest. My GP carried out different tests. A blood test showed an abnormal thyroid reading. She referred me to a specialist. Throughout this time my GP was very supportive for which I am very grateful. The specialist started me on medication to correct an overactive thyroid. I actually felt worse om the medication as the bit of energy I did have seemed to be zapped completely. After two months I felt no improvement. I was totally devastated as I could not see how I could get back to work/normal living. At the first consultation with Dr Wan he took a detailed history and said I could expect to see an improvement in a few weeks. The treatment plan included acupuncture twice a week, taking herbal medicine twice a day, and advice on diet, daily living and exercise. After the first acupuncture treatment the exhaustion and extreme tiredness went. Items that felt heavy before felt normal. I felt I had come out of a tunnel. And over the next few weeks my energy level continued to increase. By following Dr Wan’s and my GP’s advice I prepared to go back to work. By this time I had been ‘off sick’ for nearly one year. I have now been back at work for five weeks, working up to three half days a week, and it has gone well. I feel very positive and motivated. Acupuncture is a very powerful treatment. I find it great to feel really well again and to have my life back to normal. Veronica (middle name)

I used to suffer from premature ejaculation which caused a problem with my partner. Then I consulted Dr Wan. Within a few weeks we noticed the effect. It was like stepping out of a go kart and into a Formula 1 racing car. Thank you, Dr Wan. (Mr RJ)

Upper urinary tract infection

I went to see Damin Wan after 9 months of repeated upper urinary tract infections which were causing considerable discomfort and pain in my back, kidney and bladder areas. I had been treated with several types of antibiotics and the infection kept reoccurring. I have a pretty demanding job as a cognitive behavioural psychotherapist in the NHS and am also doing a clinical MSc training and was struggling to cope with the demands of my work, feeling so compromised by having continual infections. I had also stopped any form of regular physical exercise, such as swimming, as I felt so lousy most of the time.

Finally after yet another infection and an ultrasound which revealed nothing and urine tests which showed only leucocytes (revealing the presence of infection) but no culturable bacteria (apparently not being able to find a causative bacterial agent is very common in UTIs) - my GP prescribed the antibiotic Ciprofloxacin. When I went home and read the list of contra-indications, I was horrified. One of the things it said was that Ciprofloxacin binds to DNA in the cells and that there is a very small chance it can cause problems with tendons in the limbs. I was not even sure that these antibiotics were going to work, as none of the others had. And I was also concerned about the increasing effects antibiotic use was going to be having on my already compromised immune system.

I started looking around for alternative sources of treatment and a logical first step was herbal medicine. I felt that Chinese herbal medicine was probably going to be pretty powerful and found Damin Wan on the Register of Chinese Herbal medicines. I was pleased that Damin has also had a Western medical training and so can understand both a Chinese holistic and Western approach. Damin gave me a specially made up batch of Chinese herbs which come in powdered form easily dissolvable in water (so they are very easy to take). Within 2-3 weeks I was about 80% symptom free. I also had weekly acupuncture sessions to regulate my system, increase good energy in the bladder area, and as well to reduce stress and improve sleep to improve immune functioning. Within 4 weeks I was 100% symptom free and have remained so ever since.

The big difference between a holistic approach is that you cannot expect to get well immediately. It takes time for the body to repair and heal using holistic methods. Though the results of long term health gain totally justify taking herbs for several weeks to clear a resistant infection. I am absolutely overjoyed with the results of Damin’s treatment. I was very distressed when I first went to see him and at a loss to know what to do. I felt immediately Damin was a real expert on Chinese herbs and acupuncture. I felt in really safe hands. Damin is a knowledgeable, kind, patient and extremely committed practioner and I would highly recommend his treatment for the kind of recurring urinary tract infection that I had. (Ms HM)